Granite Johannesburg

Imported Granite From All Over The World!

Granite Johannesburg specializes in a variety of granite countertops, flooring and tiling. We honored to welcome you to Granite Johannesburg. Granite Johannesburg is locally inspired and family owned business with over 20 years in the natural stone industry.

Our family includes saw operators, granite designers, countertop installers, administrative staff, managers, drivers, workshop and showroom workers and estimators who work full time anf fully trained to work in sync with the same level of motivation and inspiration.

The mission of our business.

At Granite Johannesburg we have started our company based on providing convenient and value added services to our customers.

Our aim is to:

  • Provide Luxury:- We would like to provide quality and luxury products and services to our customers at affordable prices.
  • Add Value:- Our products and services add value to our customers homes, businesses and environments.
  • Friendship Convenience:- To provide a stress free access to natures beautiful stones slabs and form great relationships with our customers for a lifetime.

At Granite Johannesburg we have cut out the middle man and by doing so we are bale to provide cost-effective granite products to our customers which enables us to offer:

  • Custom Granite Services
  • Wholesale Prices
  • A Variety of Granite

Granite Johannesburg’s Granite is surced from natures own raw materials and from there we focus on getting only the worlds best granite for you to choose from. When you need a fresh new look for your kitchen, bathroom and flooring, visit us and get inspired with new ideas with our range of granite stone that is tailored to your specification.