FAQ on Granite

Frequently Asked Questions at Granite Johannesburg, feel free to contact us if you got more questions.

I have heard about it but what exactly is granite?

Granite is a coarse crystaline igneous rock that is made up of quartz and feldspar, it forms from slowly cooling magma that is compressed by extreme pressures beneath the earth’s surface.

Will my granite surface top ever break?

The only time granite will break is if it is seriously abused with heavy loads and work but for everyday kitchen use no it won’t break.

How do I protect my granite counter top?

By putting a sealer on your granite you will be able to protect your granite from 1 to 5 years depending on the sealer brand you use. Its an easy process that takes about ten minutes and you are done.

Can my granite catch fire or burn?

You will have to put it under serious fire in order for it to burn or catch fire. Granite can withstand heat up to 1200F. You can put hot pots on your granite and you won’t have to worry about it being burned, charring or scorching.

Will mu granite counter top ever get scratches?

The only things that will scratch granite are materials that are as hard as granite such as diamonds or other pieces of materials which also include some scrub pads or granite.

How do you clean granite tops?

Everyday soap and water is enough to keep your granite clean, but be aware that if you don’t remove saop properly after every clean it may result in soap build up over time.

How much does granite counter tops cost?

It depends on the size, texture, colour and type of granite with exotic colours that are hard to find being more expensive than commonly found colours. We have generally affordable granite counter tops and quality service.