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Welcome to Granite Duxberry, we assist with installations, worktops, repairs and even marble!

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If you are contemplating bathroom renovations, Granite Duxberry, you may consider granite surfaces as well as wall and floor tile panels.

Granite Duxberry is an ideal material in the bathroom, as it is simple to keep clean, resilient to damage by steam and high temperatures, as well as offering a hugely attractive natural look. A wide variety of available colours provides any number of decorative options.

Granite floor tiles Duxberry are also suitable for elsewhere in the home. Hard-wearing and durable, they can cope with high-traffic areas, and they create a cool natural ambience that artificial materials cannot replicate. Again, the vast array of colours and unique markings and striations will fit in with any decorating style, from traditional and classic to subtle and modern.

Granite Duxberry also has more unusual applications, limited only by your imagination. It is perfect, for instance, in creating an eye-catching and safe surrounding area for your fireplace, lending a wonderful rustic and natural look to this feature. You can choose between rough or polished granite slabs to create the desired effect.